Top 5 Safest Cars and Car Insurance

There are a number of factors that determine how expensive or how cheap your auto insurance quotes will be. This includes the value of the car you drive, the expected maintenance cost, the cost of parts replacement if needed, the security features of your vehicle and how safe it is on the road. The latter is a curious thing for those who are not updated with the latest car safety features around. Many however are baffled with these new features because, aren't mandatory wearing of seatbelts while on the road enough? While this practice along with stricter enforcement of traffic rules has helped decrease fatalities n the road, statistics still show that motor crashes is still one of the leading causes of preventable deaths in people as young as 3-years-old up to 35.

In 2010 alone, 32, 885 people in the United States died due to traffic fatalities which means according to Forbes that in every 16 minutes, there is one motor accident in US roads. Although 2010's record has the lowest number of fatalities since the year 1949, these numbers are still alarming. This is where modern car safety features come in. Here are the safest cars on the road today:

Audi A6

The recently redesigned German sedan is not only as good looking as other Audi models but also offers comfort of the highest quality, great performance and more importantly, a number of high tech car safety features. These include blind spot monitoring, avoidance, lane departure, and night vision systems among other things. This car is by far the safest car around and definitely a great choice if you want to get relatively cheaper car insurance quotes.

BMW 5 Series

This sporty car is one of the safest cars on the road. It has high tech safety features like that of the Audi A6 and also has adaptive headlamps.

Infiniti EX 35

Getting cheap car insurance quotes for this 5-passenger vehicle offers blind spot monitoring, top view video monitoring and a wealth of other high tech safety features. The Infiniti EX 35 is also in Forbes' list of the safest cars for 2012.

Infiniti M37/M56

Another Infiniti car has made it to the list and this time it's their flagship sedan. Aside from its curvaceous good looks, this Infiniti model also has lane departure intervention, collision and blind spot monitoring systems among other safety features insurance companies look for when giving affordable car insurance quotes.

Mercedes Benz E-Class

Offering a full menu of safety gear, the E-Class has attention assist monitors that enable the car to determine if you are getting sleepy and alerts you when you do. This is a safety feature that has saved a lot of lives and a feature that one would definitely want to have in their cars.


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