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I haven't been to New Zealand, but I know it's one the most adored travel destinations. Beautiful landscapes, friendly people and the benefit of mild temperatures are the perfect ingredients for an ideal vacation, and New Zealand has them all.

The end of 2010 has seen many natural disasters, from Europe to the US to Australia, the weather seemed to have gone crazy. Unfortunately, 2011 is proving even worse.

Only a couple of days ago Japan has been struck by an earthquake of magnitudo 8.9, which caused huge damages even if the country is well-equipped to face such natural phenomena. The earthquake was followed by a tsunami and a leak in one of the country's nuclear power plants, sparking worries all over East Asia.

About three weeks ago an earthquake killed 65 people in Christchurch, New Zealand, and Craig Martin of Indie Travel Media is organising a web event to boost tourism to New Zealand. Even if I haven't been there yet, I'm sure one day I will.

This is what Indie Travel Media says:

"The world is in shock that one of the premium travel destinations in the world could suffer such a natural disaster as happened two weeks ago in Christchurch. And while all our thoughts go out to those people who have lost loved ones, lost homes and businesses, travel bloggers around the world are uniting to tell the world New Zealand is a great place to travel and there is no better time than now."

"March 21, 22, and 23 has been set aside by travel bloggers throughout the world as 72 hours of content generation about travelling to New Zealand. #Blog4NZ is the brain-child of New Zealand travel bloggers Jim McIntosh and John Reese. John himself living in Christchurch. “We want a total black-out of travel content across the world, we want Twitter dominated by Tweets about travelling to New Zealand, we hope that all travel bloggers rally behind this cause and publish as many articles as possible throughout this period about travelling to New Zealand” said event organiser Craig Martin of Indie Travel Media.

“New Zealand is one of the world’s greatest travel destinations and has been a great source for many travel bloggers and travel entrepreneurs. For many northern hemisphere countries it is the furthest most spot they can travel. It has been the place where so much innovation has come with regard to travel – the home of Bungy, the birth place of hop-on hop-off backpacker travel, NZ led the way in independent hostels throughout the eighties and nineties. It is also a country where tourism is the number one contributor to GDP, where the Minister of Tourism is the PM – that is how important tourism is. This is the travel community saying hey go to NZ – if there is one place that should be on your travel list this year it is NZ” said Dan Roberts of Travel Generation. “This is something that as the travel community we can do to support not only all the businesses in Christchurch but everyone in New Zealand.”

Over the next few days event organisers will be working with the whole New Zealand tourism industry to gather resources, images and content that travel bloggers from all over the world will be able to access to generate their stories during the 72 hours of blog4NZ. At the same time the call is going out to all travel bloggers, travel experts, photographers and social media users to show the power of the Internet to make a real long term difference to those travel businesses suffering in New Zealand not just now but over the next 12 months in New Zealand as a result of the earthquake.

For more information go to Blog4NZ website

Contact: Dan Roberts Travel Generation
Phone: +64 3 441 8494
Mobile: +64 21 360 486


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