Sardinia is burning

Yes, it's a beautiful island. Although not easy to travel, due to the lack of public transport, Sardinia is rich in heritage sites, even dating back 3000 years, and stunning landscapes, both beach-wise and mountainous.

And now it's burning. Literally. Fires are taking on the island, destroying lands, farms, killing people and animals, that are for some the only bread and butter. This year, like every year, fires started to violate people and environment early June. And like every year, there are people who for absent-minded mistake or amusement, set on fire, spreading destruction and panic.

Sadly, most of the summer Sardinian landscapes are yellow or black, and the temperatures unbearably hot. Lakes are prepared to be used as water tank in case of emergency and during a car trip it's very likely to see smoke and flames.

Only a few days ago a man died trying to save his animals from the fire that invaded his farm and another from an heart attack trying to escape the flames himself.

What's happening? Is our society becoming so empty that people don't have anything better to do than set on fire to amuse themselves?


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