In the hope of a good news

Frightening. It's the first word I can think of when it comes to plane disasters. And today's news of the Air France plane disappeared from the radar and still not found made me uncomfortable and terrified.

I took the same flight two years ago coming back to Europe from Rio, same plane, same time, and I was shocked at today's news.

I know planes are very safe and secure and I know plane crashes are much less likely than car accidents. But I can't stop thinking of those 228 people, what could have possibly happened to make the plane vanish from the radar that way and what they could have been thinking.

French President Sarcozy said the possibility to find survivors are very scant, however, I keep frantically reading all papers in the quest of some news that they were forced to an emergency landing in some desert place and they are alive and trying to establish contact with families and friends.


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